Humans and Non-Humans States, Bodies, and Epidemics Student Work

Student Podcasts

Avani S. Ashtekar recorded this awesome podcast focused on the politics of the current pandemic in India and around the world. It’s easy to listen to Avani go off! She has a lot to say and this podcast shows her sharp critical skills.

Nora Blanchard was registered for both my classes this quarter (poor Nora!) so she recorded one podcast where she addresses both courses and shares her reflections on the pandemic and this strange academic term. Highly listenable!

Listen to “States Bodies And Epidemics Final” on Spreaker.

Priya Pokorzynski recorded an impassioned, well-considered, and incisive podcast on COVID-19 and social inequality with regards to health care for her final reflection on “States, Bodies, and Epidemics.” A clear and urgent call for change in the health care system and for justice on a global level.

Humans and Non-Humans Student Work

Student Blogs

Here are some great examples of powerful student work from students in my “Humans and Non-Humans” class this Spring Quarter 2020 at Kalamazoo College. Below is a list of student blogs and websites. I’m impressed by the range and depth of student work, as well as the depth of feeling, compassion, and, why not, the humanity of their entries. Enjoy!

Jorge Fernández Avilés’ Pandemic Blog from Spain –
Humans and Non-Humans